The reason why Salman Khan threw Priyanka Jagga out of Bigg Boss 10

Better late than never. Foul-mouthed Priyanka Jagga, who left no stone unturned to become one of the most hated contestants in the history of Bigg Boss, is out of the show. Salman Khan was the one who ensured that Priyanka is asked to go and even said that he will never appear on Colors again if Priyanka continues on Bigg Boss 10.

Earlier, it was reported that the Delhi girl, who created havoc inside the house, has fallen ill and therefore couldn’t stay on the show anymore, according to her brother Sameer Jagga. Sameer made the revelation in a Facebook post.

However, in the preview of Saturday’s episode, it was shown that the development was at behest of the show’s host, superstar Salman Khan. Salman, reportedly, was upset with Priyanka for her distasteful comments on Lopamudra Raut and Manu Punjabi’s deceased mother. So, when the star spoke to her on the Weekend ka Vaar, Priyanka began arguing with him, which Salman, obviously, did not like. Finally, he asked her to leave the show and she obliged.



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